Dan is Chief Operating Officer and Excursive Vice President of Spruce Industries, Rahway, NJ.

A degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and 6+ years of Application Development experience at JP Morgan has given me the experience and knowledge to be able to handle my new role at Spruce Industries. Who am I kidding!

In 2005, I joined Spruce Industries and started what has become my journey into the world of environmental solutions. Going Green has become a world trend and I am happy to say Spruce has been a part of it from the beginning.

Spruce Industries is an environmental solutions distributor in the New Jersey and New York area – specializing in high quality janitorial and sanitation products for customers that range from universities and colleges to hospitals and building managers.

We help our customers make the transition from traditional cleaners to “green” more environmentally friendly cleaners. Some people consider cleaning products to be a commodity – we don’t. Be safe – clean with the power of green!