Alan B. Cowe is the founder of by solar, Denville. NJ.

Decades of experience integrating emerging technologies and software to satisfy evolving needs and applications. Either within large corporations or from self established entities, developed products and systems including: digital to video conversion for broadcast and cable TV (1960s); microprocessor based editing terminals, photo typesetters etc. (1970s); video endoscopy (1980s); Emergency Alert System for cable TV industry (1990s); unattended solar powered intrusion tracking systems (2000s).

Past seven years led Bysolar Inc. in the design and sales of commercial solar systems. Currently developing resilient energy systems incorporation micro-grids, solar PV, and batteries, integrated with hydrogen generation and storage for energy production during extended shortages of grid and/or solar energy.

Current view of future energy needs will (must) rely exclusively on energy derived from solar PV, wind, wave and tidal as intermittent components harnessed by use of batteries (for short term storage) and hydrogen for long term energy storage.