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California Lawmakers Extend Landmark Climate Change Law Ten Years

California's signature initiative to fight global warming will get another decade of life after lawmakers from both parties joined Gov. Jerry Brown in extending the law credited with reducing the state's carbon footprint.  Monday night's votes to renew California's cap-and-trade program bolster the Democratic governor's quest to portray the state as a leader in the fight against climate change. At a bipartisan celebratory press conference following the vote, members from both parties noted the contrast with Washington, where Republicans have struggled to pass legislation and have taken a skeptical view of regulations to combat greenhouse gases.

These are some of the events trending for week ending July 21, 2017

  • On The Other Hand

And on the other hand, House Republican leaders this week released their budget plan, the first step in funding the federal government for the 2018 fiscal year.

Nowhere in the 63-page budgetary blueprint does it mention oil and gas development on lands in Alaska set aside for wildlife. Nor is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), which oil and gas developers have long wished to plumb, cited anywhere in the legislative text itself. But some environmentalists and Democrats say the budget proposal has the obvious fingerprints of those who want to expand Arctic drilling.

  • Climate Change Will Force Today’s Kids To Pay For Costly Carbon Removal Technologies, Study Says

The longer humans continue to pour carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the closer we draw to leaving the next generation with an unmanageable climate problem, scientists say. A new study, just out Tuesday in the journal Earth System Dynamics, suggests that merely reducing greenhouse gas emissions may no longer be enough - and that special technology, aimed at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, may also be necessary to keep the Earth's climate within safe limits for future generations.

  • Evolving Nature Of Sustainability Leadership: What 20 Years Of Tracking Corporate Performance Tells Us About Leadership

Over two decades, we have witnessed an evolution of the terms upon which organizations are recognized for their leadership in sustainability, and we expect them to become only more demanding in future years.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Sustainability Leaders Survey and in 2017 more than 1,000 qualified experts in 79 countries responded to our questions. The results underscore several distinct trends that have emerged in recent years.

  • Retailers, Brands See Green For Back-To-School Shopping

For the back-to-school season, many parents and their kids are thinking green. Concerns about the environment have them looking for secondhand clothing or fashions made from reused material - but price still rules. Shoppers want quality and style in backpacks, jeans and the like without spending a lot more money.

  • The Activewear Brand Making Sports Bras From Recycled Coffee

It's tough finding clothes that are ethically sourced but that you want to be seen in. And let's not get started on finding sports bras that you actually want to work out in.

So for a moment, imagine both of these things in one garment. Melissa Chu launched Rumi X a couple of years ago, an environmentally-responsible sportswear brand that makes its bras, leggings, headbands and other activewear pieces from recycled materials.

  • Rutgers Ecocomplex Calls For Clean Tech And Clean Energy Entrepreneurs For Upcoming Ecoignite Accelerator Launch

The Rutgers EcoComplex located in Bordentown, New Jersey is taking a bold step forward, empowered by a federal grant being used to inaugurate an accelerator program called EcoIgnite for clean energy and clean tech startups.  EcoComplex Director Serpil Guran sees the accelerator program as a way to bolster clean tech and clean energy in New Jersey by supporting the clean energy entrepreneurs in these sectors.

Originally founded in 2001 as an environmental and agricultural extension, the EcoComplex is now a business incubator for clean tech and clean energy startups.  Guran joined in 2011 bringing her career experience in clean energy that has involved government, research, academia and entrepreneurship.

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