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Public Bids and Sustainability: Soft Costs, Hard Lessons

By: Daniel Josephs, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Spruce Industries As appeared on Two painters walk into a hardware store and each purchase a can of paint. Painter “A” purchases the cheapest white paint on the shelf. Painter “B” purchases a can of sustainable premium white paint that costs 15% more…
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8 Green Tips for Winter Lawn Care

By: Craig Vacula, Lawn Tech Winter is the season where most homeowners forget about their yard. The lawnmower has been stored away, snow covers the grass, and you don’t have to worry about weeding and watering your yard or plants. By giving your lawn some special care during the late fall and winter seasons, you…
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7 foods that could go extinct thanks to climate change

By Kate Taylor, Business Insider Climate change is already resulting in a huge number of consequences globally, from rising sea levels to record-breaking high temperatures. It's also endangering some of the most popular and delicious foods on the planet. With the hotter weather and more frequent natural disasters that come with deviation from Earth's natural…
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Growing Your Own Food Can Help Reverse Climate Change

By David Wagstaff and Patrick Mullin, Co-founders, Alfrea Millions of environmentally conscious Americans are taking up their spades, ripping up their lawns and planting fruit and vegetable crops in an effort to boost heath, save money and reverse climate change. But not everyone is enjoying the benefits of the new backyard garden movement, and a local…
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