Earth Day 2016 is Friday, April 22nd, the first in our five-year countdown to Earth Day’s 50th: Earth Day 2020!

This year's theme for Earth Day 2016 is Trees for the Earth!

Our planet is currently losing over 15 billion trees each year due to deforestation, land development, and bad forest management (that is roughly 48 football fields every minute). EDN is announcing Trees for the Earth (#Trees4Earth), a plan to plant 7.8 billion trees by Earth Day’s 50th in 2020. That is one tree for every person on the planet!

Trees for the Earth will focus on those regions of the world most affected by deforestation. In order to achieve our goal of 7.8 billion trees, we will work with partners from all levels of society, integrate trees into all of our existing campaigns, and create coalitions with national and subnational governments, mayors, faith leaders, businesses, and civil society from all across the globe.Earth

Earth Day Network,

I think climate change is the most important issue facing humanity today. Our very survival as a species depends on change. Scientists have been ringing the alarm for the the past 30 years. Yet, old leaders have been only been discussing the issue. The time for talking is over, we need action!

Today, I am hopeful i see an environmental awakening. We need to see action and collaboration on all three levels. As individuals, government leaders and the private sector.

Jaklin Girgis, Founder/President, Sustainable Begen

Nearly 40% of businesses with 3rd party energy supply contracts are actually paying higher rates than the local utility rates. Energy markets are volatile and a poorly managed energy procurement plan can result in thousands of dollars of excess spending. Saving money through third party energy supply contracts involves much more than getting a lower rate. There is a huge difference between getting the lowest rate and getting the right rate.


Ray Perry, Founder & Managing Partner, NJGEC,

The green movement offers entrepreneurs almost endless opportunities to start and build commercially viable businesses that support the health of our planet. Innovative entrepreneurship is all about finding creative solutions to difficult problems--both every day challenges in business and our personal lives, as well as global scale problems such as hunger, disease and energy. We are in a very special period when the barriers to entry for starting a business have been dramatically lowered and so many more resources are available to startups than ever before.

Jeanne Gray, President & Founder of AEP LLC. & publisher of American Entrepreneurship Today,