a few words about NJGA


Your Green Business Community

The New Jersey Green Association was established as a means of bringing businesses, educational institutions and virtually any organization that seeks to sustain our environment together.

The purpose of the association is inform and educate businesses on sustainability issues that effect our state's green initiatives.  Our vision is to be the primary source of information on sustainability for businesses, organizations, educational institutions, as well as the general public.

NJGA offers idea exchanges on a broad  range of green topics.  More importantly, NJGA has a number of networking opportunities for its members, which connects them to other green organizations in wide variety of other fields.

mission, vision & values


NJGA Mission

NJGA's mission is to foster the growth of sustainability within the state of New Jersey among businesses, organizations, educational institutions and the public at large.


NJGA Vision

NJGA's vision is to be more than a support network.  The association aspires to be be the primary source of information and education on all aspects of sustainability.  But NJGA recognizes that it cannot do alone, which is why NJGA seeks partnerships that will assist us attaining its goals.


NJGA Values

NJGA recognizes that the time for action is now.  As a result, NJGA is dedicated to helping protect our environment by helping establish New Jersey as a leader in environmental preservation.  By being a part of NJGA, its members show there support and commitment for bettering our state, our country and our planet.

our board members

  • Dan Josephs – Chairman
    Dan is Chief Operating Officer and Excursive Vice President of Spruce Industries, Rahway, NJ. A degree in...
  • Arnie Seitel – Vice Chairman
    Arnie Seitel is the founder of Strategyst LLC, a project real estate sales organization, Sarasota, Fl. As...
  • Allan Fliss – Executive Director
    Allan Fliss is NJGA's founder.  He also serves as the association's Executive Director, Montville, NJ. Allan is...
  • Dante Bellisari
    Dante Bellisari is Director of Business Development for nscglobal. Dante has been in the telecommunications and IT...
  • Alan Cowe
    Alan B. Cowe is the founder of by solar, Denville. NJ. Decades of experience integrating emerging technologies...
  • Jeanne Gray
    Jeanne Gray is President and Founder of AEP LLC. and publisher of American Entrepreneurship Today. Jeanne Gray...
  • David Kessler
    David Kessler is the founder of Kessler Law LLC. David Kessler is an accomplished transactional lawyer and...
  • Jean McAlister
    Jean McAlister is currently the Dean of Resource Development, President's Office and Board of Trustees at Atlantic...
  • Chris Meyer
    Chris Meyer is the principal partner of IAR Marketing and founder of CGreenBridge Education. Throughout his career...
  • Ray Perry
    Raymond Perry is the Founder and Managing Partner of NJGEC. Ray spends his days solving the most...
  • Andrew Rosen
    Andrew Rosen is Vice President of Sales at Commercial Cleaning Corporation. Commercial Cleaning Corporation is a family...
  • Ethne Swartz
    Ethné Swartz, Ph.D. is Associate Dean for Innovation and Strategic Initiatives Silberman College of Business College at Florham. Ethné Swartz, Ph.D....