Monthly Archives: June 2017

14 Child Inventors who just Might Save the World

By Crystal Jackson Scientists and researchers all agree that climate change is real, and it’s eroding our planet. The problem is an urgent one, and governments around the world are making public commitments to address these concerns. The Paris climate agreement is just one effort to help slow the effects of climate change through the reduction of…
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‘Solar paint’ breakthrough can provide endless energy source

There’s big business in disguising energy-generating tech like solar panels as innocuous building elements like roof tiles, window blinds, and even stained glass. But researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne may have created the ultimate hidden energy harvester: paint. The scientists developed a new compound that sucks water vapor from the air—much like those humidity-absorbing packets…
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Rutgers Researchers Pivot to Green Entrepreneurs, Tackling Wind Energy Industry

By Jeanne Gray, American Entrepreneurship Today For some entrepreneurs the decision to begin a startup may not have been on their drawing board until the right opportunity is presented. Take for example green entrepreneur Arturo Villegas, co-inventor of deflector technology and co-founder of XPEED Turbine Technology (XTT).  XTT is a startup founded on technology licensed…
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